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Welcome to the Danish fan site for the white stork - STORKENE.DK
This site is only available in Danish at the moment. But a short English summary is available here!
STORKENE.DK are dedicated for those who loves the white stork. The site is established to make clear for anyone that the stork are in deep trouble in Denmark and other parts of Europe. The reason for the decline of the white stork is that 80 % of the wetlands in Denmark have been drained for the last 100 years and that the small ponds have been closed in order to give more space to the farmers. The storks are dependent on access to food, like frogs, snakes and fish from the wetlands and small lakes and ponds on meadows.
For those who want to see how life is in a stork nest STORKENE.DK will bring you live transmission from a Danish nest from the spring of 2007. Here you will see how the stork pair in Hvedstrup close to Copenhagen, raises their chicks until they are ready for make their first flying attempts in July.
Photo: Karina Christensen
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